Compute details icon not working when clicked in Job Manager

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Anika Das

We have identified an issue with the Compute Details icon in Job Manager. Users may notice that the compute details icon is not displaying the modal when they click or hover over it. This behavior may depend on when the job was run and may only be an issue with jobs that are older than a certain amount of time. 

Our engineers have been made aware of this issue and we will update this article with details regarding any fixes.



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    Samantha (she/her)
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    Hi all,

    Our engineering team is still working on resolving this issue. In the meantime, users can run the following command in a local terminal to view the compute details for a task:

    gcloud beta lifesciences operations describe <ID> --format=json | jq

    <ID> is the PAPI operations ID and can be found in Job Manager by opening the developer console (right click > Inspect, or View > Developer > Developer Tools) and clicking on the Compute Details button for a specific task. The ID will look something like projects/763472899483/locations/us-central1/operations/4006867694336090390.

    If you are having issues with permissions, make sure you are authenticated with your Terra account by running:

    gcloud auth login <Terra-account-email>

    Note that compute details for jobs older than 40 days will not be available.


    Please let us know if you have any questions with this workaround.



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    Josh Evans

    We've gotten reports that this issue resurfacing again on jobs run recently. Our engineering teams are aware of the issue, and working to determine and remove the cause.  If the compute details for a recent job are required, please reach out to Terra Support as we may be able to recover that information.

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    Sabrina Camp


    I am experiencing this issue, and I would like to see the compute details for a job I ran yesterday. 

    Is there specific information on the job you'd need to recover this information?

    All the best,




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    Pamela Bretscher

    Hi Sabrina,

    Thanks for writing in about this issue. A member of the Terra support team will reach out with information about how this information can be recovered.

    Kind regards,


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    Shoaib Rakhangi

    Hi Sabrina,

    We can certainly retrieve your compute details! Can you share the workspace where want to retrieve the compute details with Terra Support by clicking the Share button in your workspace? The Share option is in the three-dots menu at the top-right.

    1. Toggle the "Share with support" button to "Yes"
    2. Click Save

    Please provide us with

    1. A link to your workspace
    2. The relevant submission ID

    We’ll be happy to take a closer look as soon as we can!

    Kind regards,


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    Julian Lucas

    We currently are experiencing this issue as well. Is there an alternate way that users can fetch the instance type that was created for a task?


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