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Welcome to the Terra Community Forum! 

Here is an overview of the forum topics:

General Discussion - section to post and view user’s questions. A dedicated support team monitors this section and will get back to you. Refer to how to report an issue if you are planning on doing that. 

Known Issues - post issues you come across and your workarounds. It is also a place the support team will post information about bugs we see people frequently bumping into.

Featured Workspaces - this section is dedicated to the workspaces featured in Terra. Be sure to tag the author of the workspace when posting the question by typing @ then selecting their name. You can find their information on the dashboard of the workspace. This section of the forum is not actively monitored so there may be a delay if you do not tag the author. If the author is not available to be tagged or is not listed in the dashboard, post your question, and we will do our best to find you an answer.

Active Feature Requests - if you think something could be improved,  use the search to see if someone else has suggested it and leave a comment on their post to let us know or give it an up-vote. You can also create a new post if no one else has reported it before. 

Completed Feature Requests - section to view past feature requests from Terra users that have been built into the platform by the Terra team.

Community Showcase - for Terra users to post their publicly available workspaces, workflows, notebooks, and more with the broader community. 



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