How to report an issue

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If something appears broken, slow, or just plain weird, we want to hear about it! Reporting issues allows us to identify necessary improvements and work toward building a more positive Terra experience. We also want to make sure you're able to continue doing your important work with as few snags and hiccups as possible.

Different ways to report an issue

General Discussion

In most cases, we recommend reporting your issue to our General Discussion board so that other users experiencing a similar issue can learn from the resolution. Posting on this board also allows other users the opportunity of helping you with your issue, which can decrease the amount of wait time from report to resolution.

Terra UI

If you feel uncomfortable sharing your issue with others, you can contact us directly in Terra by clicking the hamburger menu at the top-left, clicking Support, and then Contact Us.


Contact Us window will pop up where you can let us know what's going on.



You can also email us by writing to

Suggested guidelines for reporting an issue

Check to see if someone has already reported this issue in our General Discussion board, or if it has been posted to our Known Issues board. If someone has already reported the issue, adding your case to the already existing thread allows us to focus on the solution rather than on communicating with everyone individually. 

In most cases, it's helpful for us to have access to the workspace where the issue is occurring. Please share the workspace where you are seeing this issue with by clicking the Share button in either the icon of your workspace in the workspace list or inside the workspace dashboard (see the icon with the three dots).


  • Be sure to add type in the box, click Add User and then hit Save.
  • Please provide a link or the full name of the workspace (including namespace) when reporting your issue.

If what you are doing has worked before, and is now not working, please let us know when you last saw this working and when you noticed it stopped working.

If you are receiving an error message, please provide the steps you took to receive the error and a screenshot of the error.

If you need help with a workflow issue, please provide the relevant submission and workflow IDs.

If you need help with a notebooks issue, please provide the following details in your report:

  • Terra account email address:
  • Terra billing project:
  • Cluster ID (if possible):
  • Notebook environment:
  • Link to workspace:

We ask for your patience when waiting for responses. We are working to help everyone as quickly as we can.

Be polite! Don't use sarcasm, be rude to other users or staff, and don't use strong language. See the Terra Community Guidelines for more guidelines.


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