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Terra is a cloud-native platform for biomedical researchers to access data, run analysis tools, and collaborate.
Terra powers important scientific projects like FireCloud, AnVIL, and BioData Catalyst. Learn more.

Troubleshooting can be challenging when you're new to a system, and is more art than science. If you need some help, check out the following links to common problems and their causes.

  • How to report an issue plus-icon minus-icon

    If something appears broken, slow, or just plain weird, we want to hear about it! Reporting issues allows us to identify necessary improvements and work toward building a more positive user experience. We also want to make sure you're able to cont...
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  • Is the Terra platform down? plus-icon minus-icon

    Despite our best efforts to keep Terra running smoothly, you may occasionally experience issues that suggest the system may be malfunctioning. Signs of malfunction are things like not being able to load the website, sign in, or launch jobs. When t...
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  • Troubleshooting Workflows: Tips and Tricks plus-icon minus-icon

    Workflows can fail for a lot of different reasons. If you're lucky, you just have the wrong inputs plugged into the configuration, which is typically fast to fail and fast to fix (to learn more about how to avoid these sorts of errors, see this ar...
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  • Billing: Total run cost "not available" plus-icon minus-icon

    You could be seeing "not available" next to the Total Run Cost for one of the following reasons:1. It takes 24-48 hours to populate cost information after your submission has completed.2. Terra can only display billing information for certain bill...
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  • Billing: Google Billing Account isn't showing up or has an error message plus-icon minus-icon

    This article covers the most common issues you might experience with billing.  My Google Billing Account does not appear in the Billing Management screenPlease verify that appears as a Billing Account User on your Google Bi...
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  • Billing: Google Billing Account does not appear in the Billing Management screen plus-icon minus-icon

    Please verify that appears as a Billing Account User on your Google Billing Account. Refer to instructions to add the Terra Billing Account User to your Google Billing Account in this article. After you add the Billing ...
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  • Billing: Expired Google Billing Account trial plus-icon minus-icon

    Google Billing Accounts set up using a free trial will automatically expire after 60 days unless you upgrade to a paid account. If your Google Billing Account expired, you will be unable to create a new Terra Billing Project. To verify that your G...
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  • Billing: "resource has been exhausted" plus-icon minus-icon

    This happens when you try to create a new Terra Billing Project project but have reached your Google quota. You may need to request additional projects from the Google Console as described in this Google Help article.
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  • Data Model: How to process readgroup-level files plus-icon minus-icon

    Ah, the eternal question of how to deal with readgroups in a world where the data model does not acknowledge their existence. In a not-so-distant future where rainbows and unicorns roam the clouds, we'll have a more flexible data model where you c...
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  • Error message: File is larger than 1000000 Bytes plus-icon minus-icon

    What this looks like You’ve likely used one of the read_X functions in your WDL and have surpassed the default limits set in FireCloud’s Cromwell instance. In practice when Cromwell starts reading a file and surpasses the size limit, Cromwell wi...
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  • Error: Notebook runtime not starting due to insufficient disk space plus-icon minus-icon

    The Error You run out of disk space in your Jupyter notebook which disallows you from starting the notebook runtime. When you try to start the runtime, it appears to be starting up as usual, but never fully starts up and eventually stops. How to f...
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  • Error message: PAPI error code 9 plus-icon minus-icon

    The Error Task <task_id> failed. The job was stopped before the command finished. PAPI error code 9. Please check the log file for more details: <link_to_gs_log_file.log>. What it means  PAPI error code 9 is an indicator that a task has failed in ...
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  • Error message: PAPI error code 10 plus-icon minus-icon

    The Error PAPI error code 10. The assigned worker has failed to complete the operation. What it means  In general, if you ever see your workflow fail with PAPI error code 10. The assigned worker has failed to complete the operation, then one of tw...
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  • Troubleshooting Workflows: Fails for unknown reason (memory failure) plus-icon minus-icon

    What this looks like Usually out of memory failures looks like the workflow is working, working, working, working...  until suddenly it just stops. There isn't any message in the stdout or stderr that says “completed successfully. starting delocal...
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  • Web Portal: Endless spinner / "Loading auth..." message plus-icon minus-icon

    What it looks like If your login looks like this:something is preventing the system from verifying your account credentials. There are several possible causes, with different solutions. What to do Here's what you can try (in no particular order): ...
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  • Web Portal: Internal Server Error or Gateway Timeout plus-icon minus-icon

    What it means Terra may be temporarily down. Please wait five minutes and refresh your screen in Terra. If you still see this message, please let us know through the Terra Community Forum.
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