Is the Terra platform down?

Geraldine Van der Auwera
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Despite our best efforts to keep Terra running smoothly, sometimes the system may malfunction. Signs may include being unable to load the website, sign in, or launch jobs. Learn how to identify potential problems and to report issues.

When there's trouble, here's what you can do

  1. Check whether there is an alert banner posted on the forum or on the portal (i.e., the Terra site itself).

  2. If there is no relevant banner, check the Recent Discussions on the forum in case someone else has already reported an issue. If you find a discussion that appears to describe your problem, feel free to comment in that discussion to let us know you are experiencing the same issue.

  3. If you don't see anything relevant in the Recent Discussions, then please report the problem by posting a new discussion in the forum.

Getting ready to report an issue? Here are some guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when you report an issue of the "Terra is down" type, so we can address your problem faster:

  1. Tell us if you are using the UI (i.e., web interface) or the API service.

  2. Please specify if the service is:

    • Unreachable: If you are using the UI, are you unable to navigate to the website at all? If you are using the APIs, are you getting errors with 503 or other numbers?

    • Timing out: If you are using the UI, are you seeing a timeout error or a long delay before either no content or an error is shown? If so, please specify on which page (URL) this occurs. If you are using the APIs, are you getting timeout errors or is your REST client timing out when making a specific call? If so, please specify on which call.

    • Page not loading: If you are using the UI, is a specific page not loading? If so, please specify on which page (URL) does not load.

    • Unable to sign in: If you are using the UI, are you unable get beyond the sign-in page?

    • Workflows not launching: Are you launching workflows but they're stuck in the queue for longer than you expect? Have you checked your quotas?

    • Workflows not running: Are your workflows launched but not running after a long period of time?

    • Workflows not completing: Are your workflows not reaching a final state after you believe they completed or you attempted to abort them?

  3. Include the full text of any error messages you get.

  4. Attach screenshots if applicable; use the "Attach a file" link below the text field when you are writing your post.

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