Persistent Disk not attaching to new Cloud Environments Completed

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Josh Evans

Some users have reported instances of creating new Cloud Environments and not being able to access their already existing Persistent Disks.  The Cloud Environments start as if they have a new Persistent Disk.  However, from the Cloud Environments page, the original disk can still be found. 

Our engineering teams are aware of the issue and currently investigating. 


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    Josh Evans
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    Our engineering teams have deployed a fix for the issue.  Any affected users can now resolve the issue for themselves by following these steps:

    1. From the Cloud Environments page, please verify that you only have one Persistent Disk for your workspace. If you have more than one, please contact us before moving forward.
    2. After you've confirmed the above, you may create a new Cloud Environment if you don't have one running already. This should attach your existing Persistent Disk.
    3. If you do have a Cloud Environment that is already running on is paused.  My suggestion would be to delete it. Please make sure to select the option to delete Just the Cloud Environment and not the Persistent Disk. After that, you should be able to create a new Cloud Environment and resolve the issue.

    After the new Cloud Environment is running, you should be able to access your data as normal. 

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