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Is there a way to sync private WDLs from Github with Terra? From Dockstore, the option to launch into Terra is only available for publicly exposed WDLs, which is not an option for users that are using proprietary pipelines. Permissions are available from the Broad Method Repository, but there is no option to sync with Github and we are limited to copy-pasting edits per WDL. This feature would go a long way in making Terra easier to develop with and use in proprietary/private settings.



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    Jason Cerrato

    Hi Enrique,

    Thanks for writing in about your feature request. I can definitely see the value in bringing this functionality to the platform. I'll inform the appropriate team of this request and I'll be happy to follow up if the feature gets implemented.

    Please encourage any peers who would benefit from this feature to upvote and comment on this feature, as our Product team takes these data points into consideration when deciding which features to build.

    Kind regards,


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    Megan Shand

    I'd also very much appreciate this feature! (I upvoted as well.)

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    Stephanie Gogarten

    This feature would also be very useful for testing workflows before they're ready to be shared with others. I'd prefer if my public Dockstore workflows were not cluttered with things like "test data tables" that 1) are not useful to others and 2) don't even work.

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    Jun Aruga
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    I also hope this feature.

    2 reasons:

    1. In the current academia's incentivized system, a novel scientific paper is more rewarded. That means even when making the WDL files public with an open source license, eventually, we want to make the GitHub repository with the WDL files private until we publish the paper. Though personally, I don't like such incentivized system.

    The use case is

    1.   Implement WDL files on the private GitHub repository, then test it on Terra.
    2.   Publish the paper.
    3.   Make the repository public.


    2. I just checked Broad Method Repository that enables us to synchronize private WDL files. However, it seems that it is to upload a 1 WDL file. In our case, we use multiple WDL files using the sub-workflow feature . So, it's not convenient in our case.


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    Ben Mead

    Would love to have this feature to maintain version control through our private GitHub repo!


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