FR: Show the horizontal scroll bar & header on data table when window is dynamically sized Completed

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Tiffany Miller

The problem: I cannot see the horizontal scroll bar in my data table when I have many rows [it can also exist with fewer rows]. I must use the vertical scroll bar first to go down the page, then I can scroll right. When I have a smaller screen, I lose the ability to see the header row of the table too. This makes working a bit difficult. 

One resolution is to work in full-screen mode with your Chrome Browser. This feature request is to allow the header and horizontal scroll bar to show at the same time when the screen is dynamically sized.

Raising this FR on behalf of a BDC fellow. 

Example Screen 1 (can't see horizontal scroll):

Screen 2 (can't see header row):



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    Jason Cerrato
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    I'm happy to report that this issue has been fixed!

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    Pamela Bretscher

    Hi Tiffany, 

    Thank you for writing in! I've sent this request to our development team for consideration, and I'll be happy to follow up with you if this feature gets built.

    Kind regards,


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    Tiffany Miller

    Thanks Pamela. Two additional comments from another user:

    1. A second solution is to zoom the screen out (with the obvious downside of making everything smaller - although I think it is still readable)
    2. The problem also exists when you have a single row (or any number of rows). In fact, I think it's actually worse when you have a small number of rows, because the user wouldn't necessarily think to scroll down in order to reveal the horizontal scroll bar, possibly leading to confusion about how many columns are in the table. The screenshot below shows an example. The table shown appears to have 6 columns, but it actually has 8. Since the user has no reason to scroll down, and the horizontal scroll bar is not shown, there's no indication that there are additional columns off-screen.

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