A feature released on May 2, 2022 is breaking the ability to run workflows for some users Completed

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Samantha (she/her)
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A new feature for our entity service was released earlier this week (May 2, 2022) which automated the assigning of data types (int, string, boolean) when updating TSVs to create tables. Unfortunately, we ran into some unforeseen problems that broke the ability to run some workflows. Workflows expect string type since everything defaulted to that, thus the problem.

Our engineers are in the process of of reverting these changes via a hotfix to be released this afternoon. If you uploaded any data via TSVs since Monday's release, you'll need to re-upload those same TSVs in order to have it "fixed" back to its previous state.

[UPDATE - May 5, 2022] The fix was released yesterday afternoon (May 4, 2022). If you are experiencing any issues using data from recently uploaded TSVs, please re-upload them for the fix to take effect.



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