Cloud Environments not deleting due to error Completed

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Josh Evans

Several users have reported instances of being unable to delete Cloud Environments because they are in an error state.  When trying to delete the Cloud Environment, the most common error returned is as:

"source": "leonardo",
"message": " Not Found",
"statusCode": 500,
"exceptionClass": "class java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException",
"traceId": null

This appears to be happening when creating a custom Cloud Environment: the CE takes multiple minutes to load, fails to start and then can't be deleted. Also this may happen on an already existing CE that produces an error while running. 

Our engineering teams are currently investigating the issue.


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    Josh Evans
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    Our engineering teams have implemented a fix for this issue.  Any affected users can now resolve this issue by deleting their Cloud Environments as normal.  

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