GATK JointCalling doesn't allow for requester pay buckets Answered

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Stephanie Hao

GATK4-Germline-Preprocessing-VariantCalling-JointCalling Module 04 1-4-JointGenotyping-HG38 ( doesn't have a requester pay boolean option in its input and gives the following error:

Task JointGenotyping.ImportGVCFs:0:1 failed. Job exit code 2. Check gs://fc-81abf433-f373-4cdf-b3e8-1a699e73dd4c/bd1c881c-fcf0-4537-af28-b101175a4039/JointGenotyping/ce45d2ea-abcf-4878-82ff-2b6b6bae6cd4/call-ImportGVCFs/shard-0/stderr for more information. PAPI error code 9. 

*********************************************************************** A USER ERROR has occurred: Couldn't read file. Error was: Failure while waiting for FeatureReader to initialize with exception: Bucket is requester pays bucket but no user project provided. ***********************************************************************


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