different results between jointcalling from gvcfs and bams Answered

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I used different method to do jointcalling: 


gatk HaplotypeCaller --native-pair-hmm-threads 20 -ploidy 1 -I 1.bam -I 2.bam -I 3.bam -O vcf.gz


gatk HaplotypeCaller --native-pair-hmm-threads 20 -ploidy 1 -I ${bam} -R ${ref} -ERC GVCF --tmp-dir ./ -O ${sample_id}.g.vcf.gz

gatk CombineGVCFs -R ${ref} -V ${sep =' -V ' gvcfs} -O ${project_id}.raw.g.vcf.gz

gatk GenotypeGVCFs -R ${ref} -V ${project_id}.raw.g.vcf.gz -O ${project_id}.raw.vcf.gz


then processed with same FilterVariation

In g.vcf method's result, there were 2 variations that labeled "PASS" which not "PASS" in bam's result.

I don't know which result is better.

I will appreciate if you can help to answer it .




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    Jason Cerrato

    Hi weikangfei,

    Thank you for your question. Our GATK team will be better suited to help you here! I recommend searching the GATK forum to see if this question has been answered before. If not, you can ask a new question which the GATK team will try to assist with as soon as they are able.

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