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Tiffany Miller

Terra’s dedicated support team is here to help you with all of your platform questions!  Our goal is to reply to your questions within one business day and to resolve the majority of inquiries within five business days. If complex issues arise, it may take more time, but we’ll do our best to find solutions to keep you moving forward.

Because we are focused on Terra, technology or language questions that are not specific to Terra are out-of-scope for our support team.

Things to keep in mind:

  • WDL workflows can fail for a variety of reasons. We can help you interpret why your workflow failed in Terra but determining how to revise or best optimize the code within your WDL script is better achieved by doing it on your own. The following resources are helpful in cases like these (re-posted from openwdl.org):
  • We support issues and questions related to Terra Cromwell but not external/personal instances of Cromwell. Bioinformatics StackExchange, Stack Overflow, Cromwell GitHub Issues, and Cromwell Slack are the best resources for those questions.
  • Datasets featured on Terra come from a variety of consortiums and publishers. If issues arise with the data you want to use for your particular research, we can pass on your request and/or connect you with the data owners. 
  • Authorization domains are used to protect your workspace and data from being shared outside of a particular group. They are either managed by an individual or an allowlist (e.g. TCGA and Target). We will not have access to your workspace unless you are able to grant us access. It is our standard protocol to ask for access, but if you are not comfortable with this, we can pursue an alternative method for troubleshooting (scheduling a call, requesting screenshots, etc.)
  • To assist you while you are creating a Docker container, we can guide you to useful documentation that explains the process. We can also show you where to search for publicly available containers. Unfortunately, we cannot help troubleshoot your containers.
  • Giving bioinformatics advice is tricky, so we recommend that when you need help in this regard, ask the expert community in forums such as Bioinformatics StackExchange.

We want you to be able to perform your work as seamlessly as possible and are eager to help if anything gets in the way. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and know that if our team can’t answer you, others in the community (this is a forum!) may be able to help!



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