Provide a way to flush and declutter the JOB HISTORY

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Giulio Genovese

I find my workspace with a very long JOB HISTORY:

I cannot find a way to either remove past jobs or name jobs in a way that I can identify them. The only useful identifier I have from this list is the submission date (even the submission hour is invisible).

I wanted to use this page to make a demo, but it has become impossible to navigate. How do I purge from this list previously submitted jobs that have completed?



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    Samantha (she/her)

    Hi Giulio,


    Thanks for your request. I have created a ticket for our engineering team to take a look at. In addition, we are currently building a comment feature for the Job History page UI that allows users to annotate the jobs for better recognizability.

    For the purposes of your demo, you can clone the workspace and if you need specific jobs in the Job History, you can re-run the important jobs in the clone with call caching enabled so you don't spend any money or time on re-running.





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