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Jason Cerrato

You may recall having seen an email from March 10 titled Update regarding Google Virtual Machine costs on Terra that detailed changes Google is making to the pricing for Google Compute Engine (GCE) virtual machines (VMs) that use external IP addresses. Beginning on April 1, 2020, a standard GCE instance using an external IP address will cost an additional $0.004/hr and a preemptible GCE instance using an external IP address will cost an additional $0.002/hr. 

In that email, the following recommendation was given:

If your workflow does not require access to the internet (ie, using GCR instead of DockerHub), there is a task level option to disable external IP addresses. By default, all workflows run in Terra use external IPs, except where this task level option is set. 

This post is to inform users that as of today, March 26, there is a known bug with setting the noAddress option to true. Setting this option will likely result in a job that stalls, requiring a manual abort.

I will provide any updates to the remedy of this issue in this thread. Please click "Follow" at the top-right to receive the latest updates.



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    Jason Cerrato
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    PAPI now correctly fast-fails in the case of noAddress: true with a misconfigured network.

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    Michael Schatz

    What is the status of this? This sounds exactly like something we could use right now. Thank you, Mike

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    Jason Cerrato

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for checking in on this. I've been informed by our engineers that Google has built in a fix that will produce a timely failure in the case of misconfigured network, which would cover these cases.

    If you are experiencing an issue you believe is related to the handling of noAddress, please let us know and we'll be happy to investigate further!

    Kind regards,



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