Jupyter Lab

Jupyter notebooks have been a great addition in Terra.  How about considering Jupyter Lab?


That way, instead of having a sort of separate interface for a Jupyter notebook and a terminal, Jupyter Lab allows you to navigate notebook files, run notebooks, use a terminal, git, etc., very easily.

It seems like the larger community is definitely moving in the direction of Jupyter Lab.



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    Sushma Chaluvadi

    Hello Stephen,

    We originally implemented Jupyter Lab with notebooks but were faced with issues surrounding stability that made us remove Jupyter Lab. I can check on the status of its re-implementation and get back to you.

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    Lucas van Dijk

    Jupyter Lab has matured a lot in recent years. Is this still on the roadmap? Would also be great regarding integrated terminal etc.

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    Samantha (she/her)

    Hi Lucas van Dijk,

    Thanks for following up on this. Jupyter Lab is indeed still on the roadmap and our engineers are planning to have it available in Terra by Q1 of 2023.



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