AutoPause in Terra Notebooks Completed

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Megan Shand

It would be great if I could configure (or at least see) the length of time before auto-pause kicks in. Right now, I feel like if I step away for an hour (or less) the cluster is shut down. Since it is a non-trivial amount of time to restart it, this can be very frustrating. It would be nice to see this length of time listed somewhere so at least it was expected (especially because it seems like in the past 6 months sometimes it’s been enabled and other times it hasn’t).



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    Jason Cerrato
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    There is now a UI element that allows you to adjust autopause for your cloud environment!

    You can find your autopause configuration option in the Cloud Environment configuration panel when either starting a new Custom Environment, or when examining your panel after your cloud environment has already been created.

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    Matt Bookman

    +1 to this.

    Having both more insight and more control into this would be very helpful.

    I don't know that it is clear to end-users the difference between a "stopped" and "deleted" cluster.

    I don't know that it is clear to end-users that the auto-pausing is intentional nor when it is supposed to happen.

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    Hi - Allie and I put together some documentation on how auto-pause works, that can at least provide a baseline understanding. I think for the other pieces, you're requesting better UI/UX work (e.g.  difference between a "stopped" and "deleted" cluster and " clear to end-users that the auto-pausing is intentional")


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