How to access STRIDES credits in Terra

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Participants in programs such as the BioData Catalyst pilot program will have program credits through STRIDES loaded on a pre-associated Google Cloud Billing account. These credits can be used for all storage, compute and egress charges on the Terra platform.   

Once you have received notice that you have access to your STRIDES credits, you can create a Terra Billing project to use when creating or cloning a workspace on the Billing page. See below for step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

Before you start (STRIDES users) The instructions below assume you have already registered for an account on Terra (see How to register for a Terra account for step-by-step instructions), and that your Terra account has already been linked to a STRIDES billing account. 

Create a Terra Billing project to access STRIDES credits

1. Go to your Billing page to access your Terra billing profile.

2. To create a new Billing Project, click the + Create button to the right of Billing projects.  

3. Enter a unique name for your Terra Billing project in the popup. Note that the name cannot be changed.

4. Select your STRIDES Billing Account from the dropdown menu. This is the umbrella Cloud Billing account that funds the Terra Billing project. It will have the format NIH.NHGRI.BDC.Fellow.00X.

5. Click on the Create Billing Project button at the bottom. Note that it will take several minutes to complete the setup.

You'll use this Terra Billing project when creating workspaces in Terra, and costs incurred by any work done in the workspaces will be paid for via the STRIDES Billing Account.

Terra Billing projects versus Google projectsDespite the name, Terra Billing projects and Google projects are not related. Google projects are how Google organizes all the GCP resources you use. There is one for each workspace created after September 27, 2021. Terra automatically generates a Google Project in GCP when you create a workspace. 

Terra Billing projects are an internal mechanism for tracking billing resources on Terra. You can have as many of them as you need, all linked to the same Google Cloud Billing account.

You will not see a Terra Billing project if you log into GCP console (<your-billing-account-id>/manage). However, if you create a workspace, you will see the workspace Google project (format = <Terra-billing-project-name><first-letters-of-workspace-name>). 

Note that creating a project on the GCP console will not create a project in Terra. You can only create Terra Billing projects in Terra.

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