How to make a set table

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Learn three ways to make a set table in Terra.

When to use set tables

  • To run multiple workflows on the same subset of data.
  • To use as inputs for workflows that expect an array as input.  

Option 1: Make a set table in the workspace data page

Start in the root entity table. 

1.1. Select the rows to include in the set.

1.2. Click on Edit (above the table) and select Save selection as set from the menu.
Screenshot of expanded specimen table in data page with arrow highlighting 'Edit' icon (step 2) and 1Save selection as set' option (step 3)

1.3. In the Create set pane, give the set a name and click Save.
Screensot of Create set pane

Video demonstration of creating a set in the data page following steps above


Option 2: Make a set table by running a workflow

If you run a workflow on two or more entities (rows) in a table, Terra will automatically generate a set table of those rows. 

Start in the workflow configuration pane

2.1. In Step 2, Select Data, check the Choose specific entities to process radio button.

2.2. Select two or more rows of data. 

2.3. In the field at the bottom of the form, give the set a custom name, or use the name assigned by Terra
Screenshot of Select Data form with 'Choose specific specimens to process radio button highlighted (step 1), two rows of data checked off (step 2), and field labeled 'Selected specimens will be saved as a new set named' filled in (step 3)

2.4. Click the OK button at the bottom right of the form.

2.5. Run the workflow. When the workflow is done, there will be a new set table in the Data page with the subset of data you processed.  

Video demonstration of making a set using steps above


Option 3: Make a set table from scratch

You can make a set table TSV file in a spreadsheet editor and upload to your workspace Data page.

See How to make a data table from scratch or a template for step-by-step instructions. 

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