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Accessing GCP features that are not in the Terra UI




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    Laura Egolf

    Can the GCP project created using these instructions be linked to a Terra billing project or workspace? My organization wants to create a GCP project for me so that they can have better control of billing on their end, but I don't see a way to link this GCP project to a Terra project/workspace.

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    Allie Hajian

    Laura Egolf Unfortunately, you cannot create a Google project on GCP and add/link it to Terra. Billing projects See this article (the section on the relationship between GCP projects and Terra Billing projects).

    I completely understand your organization wanting to have control over billing and it's possible! The key is Ownership of the GCP Billing account linked to your Terra account. here are the steps:

    1. Your organization can create a GCP Billing account 
    2. They then link it to Terra 
    3. Then within Terra, you would create a Terra Billing project funded by that GCP account that you and they would be able to see on GCP console.

    As the owners of the GCP billing, they would have access to all billing and spend information about that Terra Billing project (on GCP and in the Terra UI, as available). For more detail, see this article. Hope this helps!

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