Error creating billing project - "The caller does not have permission"

Jason Cerrato
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This error message applies only to Terra Billing projects created before September 29, 2021 4:00 EDT.

The Error

When creating a billing project, you may see a red exclamation point icon pop up with an error that is similar to the following:


project <project_name> creation finished with errors: {"ResourceType":"cloudresourcemanager.v1.project","ResourceErrorCode":"403","ResourceErrorMessage":{"code":403,"message":"The caller does not have permission","status":"PERMISSION_DENIED","statusMessage":"Forbidden","requestPath":"","httpMethod":"GET"}} - code RESOURCE_ERROR

The Cause

At the time of billing project creation, Terra will also create a Google project of the same name. Google requires that all Google projects have unique names. This error message indicates that by creating a billing project with a name that matches a currently existing Google project, you are trying to perform an action on a Google project that already exists for which Terra does not have permission, which is why you see messages like The caller does not have permission and PERMISSION_DENIED.

The Solution

You need to create a billing project with a name that is totally unique across Google. You can consider implementing one or more of the following suggestions:

  • Include the name of your lab, team, department, and/or institution
  • Prepend terra- to the beginning or append -terra to the end of the name

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