Error: Notebook cloud environment not starting due to insufficient disk space

Jason Cerrato
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Learn what to do if your notebook cloud environment won't start because of insufficient disk space.

The Error

You run out of disk space in your interactive cloud environment, which prevents you from starting up the environment. When you try to start the cloud environment, it appears to start up as usual, but never fully starts up and eventually stops.

How to fix 

To resolve the issue, you need to delete data from the cloud environment. That's done by adjusting the hard disk space in the cloud environment configuration page.

NOTE: You cannot reduce the size afterwards. If you want to use a lower disk size to reduce costs, you need to generate a new cloud environment runtime after deleting the files. 

1. First, make sure you've selected Custom for the Profile.

Screenshot of the Cloud environment popup, with an arrow pointed at the 'Customize' button at the bottom of the window. This button is labeled as able to customize the creation of a custom cloud environment.

2. Then increase the Disk size (GB) and click "Next" and then "Update" on the next screen:

Screenshot of the Cloud Environment popup window. An arrow points at the dropdown menu for 'Memory (GB)' which has currently been set to 26. Another arrow points at the 'Next' button at the button of the window.

Now, there should be no more issues accessing your notebook cloud environment due to inadequate space. At this point, you should be able to delete files and continue working.

If you delete files and still run into this issue, or if you increase the disk size and still can't start the cloud environment, something else may be going on. Please contact us using one of the methods described in How to report an issue and we'll be happy to take a look!

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