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Understanding and controlling cloud costs




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    Allie Hajian, this is an amazing article and should be required reading for any new users on Terra. Well done! To that end, do you know if there is any word of Terra supporting many of the wonderful features that you mentioned such as regional / archival storage or intermediate file clean up? 

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    Allie Hajian

    breardon Thanks for the positive feedback! Note that this content came from our amazing Verily partner, Matt Bookman. I followed up on your questions; the good news is that the two features you mention are definitely on the Terra team's radar: in-app functionality for intermediate file cleanup is in active development (2020 Q1), and regional/archival storage is on the lower priority list (late 2020 at the earliest). For breaking news about when things happen, make sure to check in weekly with release notes. Sometimes changes happen so quickly even the comms team feel like we're playing catch up with new features!

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