Service Incident - June 17, 2019




  • Ryan Collins

    Hi Tiff & Terra Team,

    As always, thanks for your hard work and for posting these updates.

    One question regarding the most recent update: would you advise not submitting new workflows (if possible) until after the scheduled downtime tonight? Or does it not matter?

    We have a large workflow waiting in the wings to be launched, but I’d rather wait until this issue is resolved and not add further stress to the system.


  • Tiffany Miller

    Hi Ryan, 

    I would advise not launching a big submission with multiple jobs if you are using call caching because if any fail during this outage, you have to rerun everything costing you extra compute $.

    We have now scheduled a fix to go out on June 20, so I'd wait until Friday. 

    Hope this helps,



  • RLCollins

    Hi again Tiff,

    Wanted to share a brief update / confirmation: we launched our large workflow this morning, and call caching appears to be working as expected.

    Thanks to you & the team for getting this issue resolved! We appreciate it!

    - Ryan

  • Tiffany Miller

    Thanks for confirming Ryan!! Our pleasure!

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