Service Incident - August 3, 2023 (Azure Email Notifications)

Anthony DiCi
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We are investigating potential issues with automated Azure platform messages not being sent to all  Terra on Azure users as well as GCP-based users that signed up for Terra after 12/19/2022.

See the Timeline section for the latest troubleshooting and resolution updates and the Impact section to understand how this could impact your system use. 


August 3, 2023, 10:00 AM - Issue Discovery - Our engineers noticed a bug with some users not receiving Azure notification emails. They are currently working on a fix.


Terra on Azure and GCP users that signed up after 12/19/2022 may not receive automated platform email notifications until this issue is solved. Affected notification types include the following:

  1. Emails to group admins when user added to group
    • When a user is added to a group, the admins of that group get an email notification.
  2. Submission to Cromwell terminates
    • When a user's  Cromwell Workflow terminates, Rawls sends an email to the user.
  3. ACL Changes on Workspace
    • When the ACL of a workspace changes, the users who are added/removed from the workspace get an email notification.
  4. Workspace/Billing Project Invitation
    • When an email address is added to a Workspace or a Billing Project, and that email address does not belong to a current Terra user, they get an email inviting them to try Terra.

  5. Workspace Changed (Data Added)
    • When a Workspace has data added to it, all members of that workspace are notified by email.

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