Quickstart tutorials

Curated workspaces to help get you started with hands-on practice. Learn about data tables, workflows, and notebooks in the Terra on GCP Quickstart workspace.

New to Terra? Try the T101 Quickstart tutorials

These three Quickstarts build on each other as an end-to-end mock study. Each takes 45 minutes or so to complete.

Hands-on practice to learn how to

  • Access and organize data using workspace data tables
  • Run a workflow for bulk analysis
  • Run an interactive Jupyter Notebook to plot data

Data Tables Quickstart


Workflows Quickstart

Notebooks Quickstart

What's in the Quickstart tutorials?The series of three Quickstarts walk through a completely fake study of the correlation between height and grades for a cohort of 7th, 8th, and 9th graders.

1. Data Tables Quickstart: Explore survey data from 86 students in the study.
2. Workflows Quickstart: Run a workflow to calculate the GPA of each study participant.
3. Notebooks Quickstart: Run a Jupyter notebook to plot height versus GPA.

Each Quickstart tutorial includes a demo video and step-by-step instructions, takes less than an hour to complete, and costs less than a dollar. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to discover if there is a correlation between student height and grades by the end of the Quickstarts.