Support folders (in addition to files) in the Terra data table

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Stephen Fleming

Currently, when I click on an entry in the Terra data table that points to a folder (by which I mean a google bucket path that is not a concrete file), I see something like this

Technically the message is correct... that object does not actually exist... but...

It would be really nice if instead of showing me that error, the UI would instead give me the option to click a link to take me to the folder that the data table is pointing at (in this case it would link to the page shown here, for example)






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    Shoaib Rakhangi

    Hi Stephen,

    I've gone ahead and added your support and feedback to an ongoing feature request regarding changing the error message. We'd be happy to give a follow up once this change is implemented!

    Kind regards,

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    Stephen Fleming

    Excellent, thanks Shoaib!


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