Make workspace.tsv format edit-friendly & git-friendly

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Emma Pierce-Hoffman

The workspace.tsv format is difficult to edit and does not play well with GitHub. My group maintains workspace.tsv templates in our GitHub repo to keep our workspaces up to date, but since all the keys are on one line and the values are on one line, and GitHub operates by comparing each line for changes, any minor change alters the entire line and it is difficult to compare between versions in GitHub (example). It would be a lot nicer if the upload format were either (a) a JSON or (b) a TSV with a column for the key and a column for the value (this would have the added benefit of matching the UI appearance so that it is easier for users to understand). Either of those formats would also be easier to edit in a text editor without having to open Excel.


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    Josh Evans

    Hi Emma,

    Thank you for writing in! I've sent this request to our development team for consideration, and I'll be happy to follow up with you if this feature gets built.

    Kind regards,



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