Opt Out/In to Submission Notifications for All Workspaces

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Micah Rickles-Young

The option was just added (as far as I am aware) to receive email notifications for Terra submissions upon completion with the "Opt-in" checkbox pre-checked for all workspaces. With the way that my group uses Terra workspaces, we have several hundred workspaces that each have their own individual checkbox.

Can you add a feature to disable (or enable) email notifications for all workspaces at once? This would make it much easier than individually unchecking all of the workspaces that are currently being used.

Thank you!




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    Emma Pierce-Hoffman

    Strongly agree! I am in the same position where it would take me hours to go through all my workspaces and opt out individually, and I am running thousands of workflows so I really want to avoid getting these emails. I would also like the ability to preemptively opt out of submission notifications for workspaces that I am added to in the future.

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    Josh Evans

    Hi Micah and Emma,

    Thank you both for writing in! I've let our engineering teams know of your interest in the development of this feature. I'll update this thread if this feature gets built! 

    One thing to note about the email notifications feature is that you will only receive notifications on workflows your account runs for those workspaces, not an email for every workflow ran in the workspace.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.




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