Managing cloud environments created by multiple users of a workspace

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Alisa Manning

As an owner of many Billing Accounts and Workspaces, I manage the costs of each workspace.

I often add users to groups that have Compute Access to a workspace. I also often grant "Compute Access" to individual accounts in a workspace.

The consequence is that there are multiple users of each workspace -- and each user could be running a cloud environment (incurring costs) and keeping a persistent disk (incurring costs).

I currently do not see any way for Owners of a workspace, or more importantly, Owners of a Billing Project, to monitor these costs.

Could this be a feature request?




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    Shoaib Rakhangi

    Hello Alisa 
    Thank you for writing in! I've added your concerns as support for an existing feature request about monitoring costs, and I'll be happy to follow up with you if this feature gets built.
    Kind regards,


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