import data to workspace data table from tsv file in workspace

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Ben Heavner

The "Import Table Data" tool allows me to import data from a .tsv file on my local machine. I'd like to be able to import data from a .tsv file in the workspace, too.



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    Samantha (she/her)

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your post. Can you clarify what you are asking for? Are you looking to import a TSV file that's stored in your workspace's Google bucket as a data table?



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    Ben Heavner

    Hi Samantha - 


    You've got it right. I've uploaded .tsv files to my workspace that are formatted to be loaded to data tables (the .tsv file has a header line, and the first column is entity:<TABLE_NAME>_id). These .tsv files are visible as files in my workspace under the "files" pane of the worksapce, and I would like to load the contents of those files as new data tables in my workspace or to use the contents of those files to update existing data tables.

    Right now, when I click "Import data", the options I see are "Upload TSV", "Open data uploader", and "Add reference data". It would be nice if I could also "import data from workspace" or "import data from a cloud URI".


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