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Sehyun Oh

Hi! I notice that hypen and underscore for billing project name and workspace name are inconsistent between Terra and GCP console. For example, I can create two billing projects (e.g. 'demo-proj' and 'demo_proj') in Terra and both of them become 'demo-proj' in GCP console. Similar thing happens for workspace name. So I get all different permutations of these hypen/underscore in Terra but they become indistinguishable in GCP console. Could you clarify this? Thanks!


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    Pamela Bretscher

    Hi Sehyun,

    Thanks for writing in about this. I did test this out on my end, and it looks like in GCP console, all underscores appear as hyphens for workspace and project names. I'm not exactly sure why underscores do not appear in GCP, but I would suggest differentiating your project and workspace names through words/numbers rather than hyphens/underscores, so this doesn't create a clarity issue. Have you noticed this discrepancy with any other forms of punctuation?

    Kind regards,



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