Permission issues on internal file in workspace

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Sara Balch

Hi Terra Crew,

I'm trying to run a workflow and it keeps failing when it tries to access a file I uploaded to a workspace I created. The file is just a list of other file locations that the workflow will use. Every file in that list was manually uploaded into the workspace as well and I can access all of them. When I run the specific workflow that needs to read in these files, I'm receiving a PAPI error code 9 when it tries to access this file.

2022/02/28 17:55:17 Localizing input gs://fc-08250b31-6e35-47ef-baee-31d9c4edf973/star_genome_list/chrNameLength.txt -> /cromwell_root/fc-08250b31-6e35-47ef-baee-31d9c4edf973/star_genome_list/chrNameLength.txt Error attempting to localize file with command: 'mkdir -p '/cromwell_root/fc-08250b31-6e35-47ef-baee-31d9c4edf973/star_genome_list/' && rm -f /root/.config/gcloud/gce && gsutil -o 'GSUtil:parallel_thread_count=1' -o 'GSUtil:sliced_object_download_max_components=8' cp 'gs://fc-08250b31-6e35-47ef-baee-31d9c4edf973/star_genome_list/chrNameLength.txt ' '/cromwell_root/fc-08250b31-6e35-47ef-baee-31d9c4edf973/star_genome_list/'' CommandException: No URLs matched: gs://fc-08250b31-6e35-47ef-baee-31d9c4edf973/star_genome_list/chrNameLength.txt grep: /cromwell_root/stderr: No such file or directory

I've added to the workspace sbalch_er_loss_rna. The workflow is AB_star2pass_rsem_singlesample_copy_SB and the submission ID is 47220545-cd8e-4dc1-9991-bcdc6495afe2.

All of the files are in the workspace bucket and I can access all of them so any help on understanding why the workflow can't find them would be awesome. 

Thanks in advance for your help!




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    Anika Das

    Hi Sara, 

    Thank you for reaching out and sharing your workspace! We will look into this and get back to you as soon as we can!

    Kind Regards, 


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    Jason Cerrato

    Hey Sara,

    We recently changed our support address to Can you share the workspace with this address instead?

    Many thanks,



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