Notification of change to cloud environment disk mount - January 2022

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Jason Cerrato

What is changing?

Currently when a persistent disk is created with your Cloud Environment, it can be found under the /home/jupyter/notebooks directory. Starting January 31, 2022, the persistent disk will be mounted to your HOME directory (e.g. /home/jupyter).

What do you need to do?

If you have any notebook code that references /home/jupyter/notebooks, you will need to update this file path to /home/jupyter (or ‘$HOME’).

Why is this change happening?

Detachable persistent disks allow you to save data if you delete a cloud environment. Previously, anything saved outside the /home/jupyter/notebook directory - such as contents in your HOME directory (e.g. /home/jupyter) - was not saved to the persistent disk and lost upon cloud environment deletion. Some examples of unsaved content included environment variables, Git configurations, etc. This change allows you to preserve all data and configurations across cloud environment deletion and re-creation.

We hope this update will result in a better overall experience when using Jupyter Notebooks in Terra.

If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to the Terra support team at



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