Terra notebooks fail to autosave

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Sabrina Camp


I am receiving an error while using Terra notebooks that the notebook failed to autosave. When I try to manually save and checkpoint using the File dropdown menu, it also does not save. This is a major issue in my project, I am a daily user of Terra notebooks and can't work while the notebook is not saved. The notebook will not download either.

  • Terra account email address: scamp@broadinstitute.org
  • Google Project ID: terra-10407992
  • Cluster ID: saturn-48484aa4-af83-40a8-8647-51143cd9c16c
  • Issue started happening at 10 AM EST


The error I get when I try to download the notebook is 

{"source":"leonardo","message":"Unable to proxy connection to tool on Gcp/nci-mxhe-bi-org/saturn-48484aa4-af83-40a8-8647-51143cd9c16c","statusCode":500,"exceptionClass":"class org.broadinstitute.dsde.workbench.leonardo.http.service.ProxyException","traceId":"2374794ac065ad83531f3ff0db9eecec/8101282239039971590"}





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    Sabrina Camp

    When I keep trying to click the save button, the screen goes to this and when I reload my work is lost up to the last successful checkpoint.

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    Sabrina Camp

    Upon further investigation, this issue seems to be directly related to the size of the notebook. The notebook that was failing to autosave was 135 Mb. When I deleted half of the cells in the notebook, it successfully autosaved. 


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