Create a summary file for outputs

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Jason Cerrato


I read the description of 'what is left behind' in (this is the Jupyter Notebook : Remove_Workflow_Intermediates).  seems like a lot of junk gets leftover. I am processing 10s of thousands of bam files. Over the course of time, it just going to clutter up my workspace. I plan to use terra for many years, all the junk will eventually cost a lot in storage.

It would be great if there was some sort of summary file that got created and saved. Imagine in a year to two I need to understand how an output file was created. That is to say the 'pedigree' of an output file. Having a summary file with name and version of the wdl file, the URL to that version of the wdl file and a. list of all the input parameters would be very helpful. This is basically the information displayed on the job manager input tab

It would be even better if this was somehow tied back to the sample table row for this sample. i.e. having the URL to the BAM input file is useful but very hard to use. if I had the sample table row, I would get additional metadata like the sample id, ... 



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