Provide user feedback when sharing with non-existing Terra account

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Matt Bookman


I had requested the ability to add users to groups before they have registered in Terra, which can help facilitate the onboarding process (when a user registers, they find they are already added to one or more groups and have access to a set of workspaces/data).

That feature was added, which is very useful. However, there's no feedback provided to the user doing the adding ("User <>" is not a registered user. Add anyway?"), and this feedback would be useful to someone in the more general case where they've entered the wrong email address.

A common case would be when a Google Account alias is used instead of the canonical user address that Terra uses. There are a few cases, such as when domain administrators create aliases or with the username portion of the address in which dots do not matter. However this also more generally applies to the case when the email address was typed in wrong.

To be clear on the problem scenario:

  1. User A wants to add user B to a Terra billing project, group, or workspace
  2. User A enters the incorrect email address for user B
  3. User A gets no feedback (not even a warning to confirm)
  4. User B gets no notification (or gets invited to join Terra if it is just not the canonical Terra address)
  5. User A assumes that User B has been added
  6. User B continues to wait on user A

I'm not 100% sure about the behavior in step 4. I have two test cases that display different behaviors. 



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    Tiffany Miller
    • Edited

    Thanks for posting Matt! We will pass this over to the product team for consideration. 

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    Ben Heavner

    Generally, it would be great to have a way to verify that I'm sharing with the person I mean to - what if I miss-type an email address when adding to a group?


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