Request Support for NCBI Fusera in Terra

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Paras Garg

My lab has been working on a lot of NCBI dbGaP datasets. Some of these datasets is available only on google cloud through their Fusera software which mounts unecrypted dataset within docker container. In near future, NCBI will be moving all dbGaP dataset to the cloud and it will be available in similar way through fusera. It looks like chromewell supports Fusera in standalone chromewell, but such feature is missing from Terra. Can support for Fusera be added to Terra?

Relevant documents: (pull request for Cromwell Fusera support)



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    Jason Cerrato

    Hi Paras,

    I've forwarded this request to our FR database so our product managers can consider building support for fusera in Terra Cromwell. I'll be happy to reach out to you if it becomes available.

    Kind regards,


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    Nick Bernstein

    Any updates on this?


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