custom workflow options to cromwell

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Zhonghui Xu


I find it would be a desirable feature to have on Terra, for users to be able to configure cromwell in a custom way for specific workflows. The default configuration may not perfectly suit for all users and workflows. A concrete use case is to be able to specify workflow options such that multiple job outputs can be put into a flattened output directory, as discussed in these relevant threads:

It probably is not a good idea to expose all configuration options to users, but some selective ones (other than the call caching enabling option that is currently available on Terra) that are safe and useful to expose to users would be just as good.






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    Jason Cerrato

    Hi Zhonghui,

    Thank you for your submission. I have created a feature request ticket for our developers to take a look at. I'll be happy to follow up with you if this gets built.

    Kind regards,


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    Steve Huang

    Would love to see this too, alleviating us from the chore of having to write boilerplate code copying files.

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    Steve Huang

    I will also add a side benefit to having this supported in Terra: we don't need to keep the developer version where the 


    is good enough, AND a production version where this option isn't available.


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