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I've noticed that there are times when I'm waiting for a cell to complete, and I wait for the [*] part on the side to change to a number for a really long time, only to discover that the kernel has crashed (in my case I ran out of memory). When the kernel crashes, the [*] doesn't change, which is confusing because it seems to convey that the process is still running when it isn't. I'm not sure if Ipython has a fix for this upcoming or not, but it'd be nice if Terra could do something to help. 


I noticed that there is a small grey circle in the top right corner that is very accurate at conveying if the kernel is running or not (see . But this is hard to notice and something I didn't know about until doing research. 


It seems other notebook apps have the chrome tab icon change to indicate the kernel is running or not. It would be very nice if Terra could do something similar. 


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    Jason Cerrato

    Hi Willy,

    Thank you for your suggestion. We have created a ticket for the Terra development team.



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