When sharing a workspace prompt to share workflows too

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Andrea Haessly

This was a feature in Firecloud. When a user shares a workspace with someone, there is a popup asking if they also want to share the workflows that are in the workspace. This would be extremely helpful.



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    Sushma Chaluvadi

    Hi Andrea,

    This is a Feature that has been ticketed in our system and we will be sure to update this thread when there is a change in status!

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    Marc Perry

    This sounds extremely helpful/useful, any update?

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    Samantha (she/her)

    Hi Marc Perry,

    Unfortunately, this has not been prioritized yet, but I'm happy to let our engineers and product team know there's more interest for this feature. If you have any colleagues that would also be interested in seeing this built, I would suggest you have them comment and upvote the post so our product team has a better sense of how valuable this would be for the community.




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