"Error Creating Cluster" even when not using Notebooks Answered

Hi Terra,

Within all of my workspaces, I often receive the error "Error Creating Cluster" upon refreshing a page. I'm not sure why this is happening because I am not using notebooks or clusters. Is there a way to prevent this "error" from popping up? Can it be made to only show up when appropriate?


An example error is observed here. The white box of "Cluster Creation Failed" is what appears when clicking "See Log Info" on the red box. 



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    Tiffany Miller

    Hi Brendan, 

    Thanks for reporting. This happens in a certain scenario and requires our engineering team to do a little clean up so that the error doesn't get triggered. We started doing the clean up for you so you shouldn't be seeing it shortly. In general, it is one of those errors that you can't do much about so we need to figure out how to get those out of the UI. 

    If you are still seeing it in a week or so, let me know. 


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    Brendan Reardon

    Thank you, Tiffany! Feel free to close this inquiry. 


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