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Megan Shand

In the monitoring tab of Firecloud there are a few columns that are (semi) human readable such as Data Entity:

But in Job Manager I lose that column:

It would also be nice if the Workspace ID could be the workspace name or some other easy to understand ID.


On a separate note, I love the comment column! Can't wait to get to use it!



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    Ruchi Munshi

    Hey Megan,


    There's a plan to replace the workspace ID with human readable workspace names. Same for adding the entity information. I'll update with timelines soon.


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    Sushma Chaluvadi

    Hey Megan,

    I believe that the Job History tab view of submissions covers some of the missing information that you mentioned above.

    In this view, if you hover over the Data entity column you should be able to see the entity that was used in the submission. There is other information that also existed in FireCloud!


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