Accessing data in Terra Notebooks

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Megan Shand

I currently use `firecloud.api` to interact with the data in my workspace from the notebooks. This means that there’s actually nothing associating my notebooks to a given workspace (within my python code). It would be great to be able to interact with the data model (or the bucket) associated with the workspace from within the notebook itself without having to redefine which project/workspace the notebook is in.

For example, I'd rather have `"participant")` instead of `fc.get_entities("my-manually-filled-in-project", "my-manually-filled-in-workspace", "participant")`. Otherwise it's less obvious why using a notebook within Terra is better than using any old notebook anywhere.



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    Adelaide Rhodes

    I second this comment.  Also, it would be cool to have a way to load data from the workspaces directly into the notebook without having to do this workaround (which I currently use for Hail in order to be able to load the data using their python code).



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    Hi Megan, 


    Recently we've released workspace bucket as environment variable in notebooks. It doesn't seem like a complete fix, but does this reduces some of the friction?

    I think what you're asking for is to have a FISS know what workspace your in and provide you with more intuitive functions


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