How to use DRS URIs in a workflow that runs docker image with a tool inside

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This is probably trivial but as I am new to terra I was wondering if anyone could share an examples (or point me to one) where I can see how to properly use DRS URIs from inside a docker image. The image contains a tool to which, on my local server, I pass an input file via '-v' . Example (pseudo):


docker run --rm  -i -v /path/to/data1:/opt/mnt/data -v /path/to/input:/opt/mnt/input mydoc:1.0.0 /bin/bash/ -c " mytool -r /opt/mnt/data -i /opt/mnt/input > out"


where `data1` is a resource directory and  `input` is a file. 

My question is, how would this be implemented in a wdl script where i need to provide DRS URIs as an input to my tool?

Thank you 


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