(R library qs) function qread cannot locate file, even with correct path?

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Cecile Avery


Hoping someone can help me with this problem. I'm trying to use the package qs, but when I supply the path to the file, qread cannot find the file. I have double checked the path to see if it is correct, and it definitely is (see below). Could this be an issue with how the package is looking for the file? I'm wondering if this is something I need to take to the developer. 



Error in qread("gs://fc-secure-e2ecf24f-82c7-417f-a97a-356801da47e7/var_files/AJ_345/AJ_345_UDN_phenotype_file.qs") : 
  For file gs://fc-secure-e2ecf24f-82c7-417f-a97a-356801da47e7/var_files/AJ_345/AJ_345_UDN_phenotype_file.qs: Failed to open for reading. Does the file exist? Do you have file permissions? Is the file name long? (>255 chars)



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