WARNING: 1 workflows are currently running in this workspace. Copying the following data could cause failures if a workflow is using this data.

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Chris Kachulis

I recently wanted to copy part of a data table from one workspace to another, and saw the above warning when I went to do so.  I am confused about exactly what this warning means.  I suspect what's really being warned about here is that if a workflow is running using the data I am copying, and will write its results out to the data table, then the data table I end up with in my new workspace may not be exactly what I expect, since there may be changes made to the original by the workflow before (or during) the copy. 

However, the message seems to imply something more problematic, that either the copy itself will fail, or even that somehow the act of exporting the data table would cause the workflow to fail (which really doesn't make sense to me).

Is there a more detailed explanation of the actual risks/failure modes associated with exporting a data table while a workflow is running?


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    Samantha (she/her)
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    Hi Chris Kachulis,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I asked our engineers about this and they determined that that warning message is just incorrect. Copying data from a workspace will not disrupt any workflows running in the source workspace since the source data is not being modified.

    Our engineers have created a ticket on their end to update the warning message.




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