RESOLVED: "Request too long" trying to sign in to Terra

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Matt Bookman

I was having trouble signing in to Terra. I kept getting a "Request Too Long" message after clicking the "Sign in with Google" button.

I eventually tested signing in using an Incognito Window and it worked fine. This led me to conclude that the problem was likely something cached in my regular Chrome window.

I was able to resolve this by starting the sign in flow, and then when I saw the "Request Too Long" message, I cleared the cookie cache for that site.

In the pop-up window, I did the following:

  • Right clicked on the "lock" next to the URL
  • Selected "Cookies and site data"
  • Selected "Manage cookies and site data"

This led to a small window titled "Cookies and site data" and where it listed "", I clicked on the trash can.

I then closed the pop up and restarted the flow and all is working again.

Hope that helps others.




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