Better support for nested inputs in workflow config UI

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Morgan Taylor

I understand that while WDL supports the `allowNestedInputs` meta parameter, Terra does not support it as a feature per se. Terra's behavior in showing workflow inputs when `allowNestedInputs` is activated is indeed not complete.

My main request is that Terra show the full task "path" for each input, since it's possible for multiple of the same task to be called at different points, and those tasks are indistinguishable in the Terra workflow config UI.

For example, if my WDL has the following pseudocode structure:


call Subworkflow as SubworkflowA

call Subworkflow as SubworkflowB


workflow Subworkflow {

   task SubTask



what shows up in Terra for inputs is the following:

SubTask             subTaskInput1

SubTask             subTaskInput1

SubTask             subTaskInput2

SubTask             subTaskInput2

i.e. I can't tell which SubTask parameter is which. 

Instead it would be great for Terra to show me something like this:

SubworkflowA.SubTask             subTaskInput1

SubworkflowA.SubTask             subTaskInput2

SubworkflowB.SubTask             subTaskInput1

SubworkflowB.SubTask             subTaskInput2

Or otherwise allow me to differentiate the inputs for the tasks with the same name.




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    Anthony DiCi

    Hi Morgan,
    Thanks so much for letting us know about your interest in this feature. We have captured your feedback and provided it to the appropriate product team. We will be happy to follow up with you if this feature gets implemented!
    Kind regards,

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    Jessica Way

    Hi Anthony, 

    My team has experienced this same issue. I would like to add my vote for this to be addressed soon. 




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