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Sandrine Muller

Hi all,


I have created a test workspace and was able to run a galaxy instance. The workspace created 2 cloud buckets. I wanted to delete the workspace which appeared fine but then I saw that my buckets are still up and running. I logged in back to Terra, the workspace is still there and I am now unable to delete the workspace:

Undeletable Workspace Warning

You cannot delete this workspace because there are 1 application(s) you must delete first. Only applications in ('ERROR', 'RUNNING') status can be automatically deleted.

I do not have permission to stop the VMs from the Google Cloud console. Could somebody help?


Thank you!




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    Josh Evans

    Hi Sandrine,

    Thanks for writing in! If the workspace still exists then you'll need to delete the galaxy instance from within the Terra Interface.  Please go to this page: and try to delete the Cloud Environment from there. If you run into any issues, please click the view link next to the Cloud Environment and take a screenshot, and we'll take a look on our end.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. 




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